Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

Support for one to three years of graduate study at a university in the United Kingdom. Students should have distinguished academic records, strong aspirations for graduate study, leadership potential, and ambassadorial potential (the potential to engage with contemporary Britain effectively). Candidates must be in their senior year or have graduated with their first undergraduate degree after April three years before the year of the scholarship (e.g., for 2019 scholarships, applicants must have graduated after April 2016); no age limit. Up to 40 scholarships awarded each year; a limited number may be awarded to students who seek to do a 1-year degree only.

Applicants should check the Marshall website for programs of study the scholarship will not fund.

Students interested in the Marshall Scholarship should also consider applying for a Fulbright to the United Kingdom.

To compete for a Marshall Scholarship, candidates must be U.S. citizens and be nominated by their home institution.

Scholarships for graduate study

To compete for a Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell or Churchill Scholarship, candidates must meet eligibility requirements set by the scholarship programs. All require that an applicant be a U.S. citizen (See page 10 of the Rhodes brochure for eligibility of other nationalities). Participation in the competitions at the national level requires formal nomination by an applicant's university.