Udall Scholarship

How to apply

Applicants do not apply directly to the Udall Scholarship Foundation and should contact Paul Fogleman, Udall campus representative, to be registered as an applicant from Indiana University: pfoglema@indiana.edu; 812-855-3948.

For the campus deadline, applicants must submit the following three documents by email:

  1. an electronic application;
  2. an unofficial transcript; and
  3. at least one letter of recommendation.

Have the letter of recommendation submitted by email directly to Paul Fogleman (pfoglema@indiana.edu). (Three letters of recommendation will be required by the national deadline.)  Further instructions about each document provided below. After submitting documents for internal review, applicants will receive guidance on completing the application by the national deadline.

Further instructions for the campus deadline:

  1. An electronic version of the application. Email or call Paul Fogleman to be registered as an applicant and access to an application. The application form consists of eleven questions including six short essays. Applicants should view the prompts before initiating the application. To see the essay prompts, visit the Udall Foundation's webpage with instructions for applying.
  2. An unofficial Indiana University transcript. 
  3. One letter of recommendation in electronic form. Be sure to inform the recommender about the terms of the Udall scholarship and share your essays with him/her. The letter should speak to your leadership, public service and academic achievements. Have it sent by email to Paul Fogleman (pfoglema@indiana.edu).